PC & Laptop Upgrade

Upgrading youíre computer or laptop can be a cost effective way of giving your old PC a new lease on life by upgrading to more memory or ssd (solid state drive) or that old graphics card that stops you from playing the latest games. Let our trained technicians evaluate you old computer so we can recommend whatís best for your computer. Now in some circumstances itís not possible to upgrade to what you may want. This is due to the fact that the hardware might not be compatible. Here at TCR we will offer you the best advice to solve your issue.

Motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive upgrades can improve PC performance and ensure compatibility with today's demanding applications and games.

Other things to consider include components such as CDROM, CDRW, DVDROM, DVDRW, graphics card, sound card, modem, USB2, ethernet card and various other products.

We offer upgrades to suit customers needs and budget. We will ask you what it is that you would like to do with your system and we will recommend the right components to suit your needs and budget. We can also build complete custom systems based on your requirements. Please refer to the Systems page for more details.

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